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My name is Vincia, its pronounced; (vin-see-ya)

I often get frustrated when people don't say it right..

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I'm a 23 yr-old up and coming Journalist from queensNY & the purpose of this blog is just so i can share my thoughts with whoever cares to read them.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010


I havent posted anything on here in a little over a month, sorry guys, i been busy with school ( i was taking summer classes and actually today is my last day of classes until the fall semester so therefore i have a month to relax before i start taking classes full time again.) nuthing really exciting has happened to me over the past month except the fact that i met someone new , but i wont get too much into detail about him until things are officially legit, (ladies yall know what i mean by that)

Anyway i was looking thru my blog and noticed a few things first off, i have so many faithful followers and im thankful for u all whether u read my blog or not i appreciate all of ya.  Secondly i realized that i need to get back to my roots like for those of u who know me from when i first started blogging i used to get into more personal and much more deeper posts. I used to get a lot of feedback because of my "keeping it real" and telling it like it is no holds barred but as for my later posts i started getting real generic and posting things about celebrities that i know u can probably read on another blog or hear on the radio.

 What im tryna say is that what made me unique and set me apart from other bloggers in the beginning ive seemed to slowly slip away from it all. so this is sort of an apology letter for those of you who have been waiting patiently for me to get real again and quit it with the celebrity nonsense that most of you either dont give a damn about or have already read elsewhere. 

From now on i will keep u updated on things i find interesting regarding certain celebrity topics but most importantly i will keep u guys updated more on my lovely life and post more meaningful content. 

signing off.
urs truly,