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Monday, November 30, 2009


okay so i had the weirdest dream last night...i was killing and slaughtering everybody like i was some type of ninja warrior but the twist of it all was that i was a
kindergarten teacher by day and a killer by night.. and i was only killing men who wore all black that attacked me first...i felt so powerful like no one could stand in my way but waht i didnt understand was why all these men were attacking me , with knives and all kinds of weaponry. heres what i found out according to dreammoods.com ;
To dream that you attack someone, represents pent-up frustration and anger. You feel that you have been wronged, but that it is easier and safer for you to express your anger in your dream.
To dream that you are being attacked by someone, signifies questions to your character and the need to defend yourself. You are feeling stressed, vulnerable and helpless. You may also be faced with difficult changes in your waking life. Dreaming of an attack provides a way for you to confront these situations that you may be avoiding in real life.�

So after reading that im still clueless because none of that is true. *shrugs shoulders* 
oh well...i guess you can count this as another random blog because i seriously have no conclusion for this one...

urs truly, 


okay so mah bo0skie TREY is suppose to be coming out with a video for "Yo Side of the Bed" and guess whos gonna be featured as his leading lady??? --- be prepared to gag with me....KERI HILSON [*vommit*] ugh *rolls eyes* we all know how i feel about that chick...anyway only because of TREY i cant wait to see the video....i def will be posting the video when it is released...stay tuned...

Sunday, November 29, 2009


okay so overall TERAJI P HENSON  & TERRANCE HOWARD did a good job of hosting the awards show (round of applause to them)

...now lets get down to the nitty gritty ... im not one to gossip buuuuut i personally think those two are sleeping together (you aint hear it from me...im just sayin they were too "intimate" if u know what i mean..lol...i kno you're probably saying 'But Vincia they're just acting'...nah to me it looks like something more i can just feel it!)

Moving on....Highlights of the show in no particular order was of course mah bo0skie TREY SONGZ who performed twice once with TONI BRAXTON who he kissed on stage (i gotta have a talk with him about that..i mean like seriously!? lol) and then he performed "Invented Sex" the non-DRAKE version Thank God!...(im bout sick of his rapping/singing behind anyway).
Moving on.... of course

BEYONCE (aka The Entertainment Queen in my eyes) stole the show without even being there she won not one, not two, but THREE awards! (Best Female Artist, Song of the Year and Album of the Year) i mean like seriously where is she gonna put them ?? maybe she can toss a few over to SOLANGE cause we all know she definitely didnt win anything in a long time or better yet how about NeVeR! (lol)

Speaking of SOLANGE , KERI HILSON beat her in the Best New Artist category, "MISS KERI BABY" as she calls herself, also won best  collaboration for "Knocks you Down" f/ krazy KANYE and NE-YO (who were both M.I.A--hmm i wonder why...lol)...
CHRISETTE MICHELE performed  her song "Blame it on Me" one of the many songs i LOVE off her Epiphany album had the best vocals of the night hands down! besides the legendary CHAKA KHAN of course who was recognized in a tribute along side mr CHARLIE last name WILSONMICHAEL JACKSON was recognized for Entertainer of the Year which in my opinion i believe would've been given to BEYONCE if MJ wasn't dead...
(yeah i said it)...anyway...

 KERI HILSONs performance was one word....

and i seldom use that word but its best fitting for this scenario...she performed a medley of not one or two but THREE SoNgZ i thought i was gonna DIE!! she can NOT in any way shape or form perform if your a Keri Hilson fan, u can unfollow me now because theres alot more where that came from!! (you've been warned) lol...another highlight was the MOTOWN tribute JOHNNY GILL sang "My My My" and boy-oh-boy did he Rip the stage! ol ' boy STILL got it! and he definitely showed these young r&b kids how its truly done...oh yeah and i cant forget

BOYZ II MEN they sang "End of the Road" and I was definitely singing along...welp,  if i forgot anyone i apologize but thats the end of my recap... im goin' to bed...Goodnite!

urs truly,


dont forget the soul train awards hosted by Teraji P henson& Terrance Howard will air tonight @ 9pm sharp on BET ..check back later for my recap!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


If any of you are anything like me you stayed home yesterday on Black Friday. Theres just something about being bomabarded with shopping bags and having my toes rolled over with baby carriages that just makes me want to crawl up into a hole and hide until all the mad-shoppers (yes thats what i call them) go away ...However, It's that time of year again -- 'tis the season to give gifts!, For those of you who used to be generous givers, you may not feel in too much of a giving mood this year., Yes times are hard for most of us, but here are some smart shopping tips that will get you back into the giving spirit -- and will save you time and money. 

Fashion Blogger, MalibuMara would agree that a bargain at any time of year is a great one. In her blog she mentions that she stayed home on Black Friday as well but offered up some great deals, keep reading to find some great discount codes that will help you get more bang for your buck. But first,

What to do before you shop: 

  •  Print coupons off the Internet., Coupons are one of the best ways to save money and there are plenty available online. Check out couponcabin.com, couponalbum.com and ebates.com for further information on how to get printable coupons. There may also be coupons available in store or on the store's actual Website -- don't forget to check for those as well. 
  •  Leave early so you can arrive early. In this case, "the early shopper gets to take advantage of the best sale." So get there early, you can thank me for it later.  
  •  Don't forget to bring water and snacks so, you won't have to spend any unnecessary money on food or drinks. Wear comfy shoes -- heels are not a good idea if you're going to be walking from store to store. 

What to do when you shop: 

  •  First and foremost, have a budget and stick to it to avoid impulse buying. Plan ahead of time -- when you plan ahead, you know in advance what you're going to get., If it's not on your list don't get it -- stick to your budget!  
  •  Remember -- just because it's advertised doesn't mean its the cheapest., Always check for unadvertised specials. 
  •  Shop with Cash-Only. Keep your cash in an envelope, it will help keep your spending in check and will help you keep in mind how much you have already spent. When it's gone its gone, and you can't spend any more money. If you must, leave your credit card and checkbook at home. 
  •  When shopping for clothing, don't be afraid to search through the clearance rack
  •  Due to volume, discounts at larger stores are generally cheaper than smaller ones. 
  •  Remember that no particular store has the lowest price on ALL items.
  •  Remember the rule of three: If an item can be used in three ways, you will not be wasting your money. 
  •  Beware of fancy packaging, it will only cost you more money. 
  • To avoid crowds, do not shop after work or on paydays.

If you are a person who, hates long lines, and being trampled and knocked over with shopping bags and baby carriages as i mentioned earlier, try to shop online. Shopping online is a great way to shop without having to worry, plus it's great knowing that you can shop from the comfort of your own home. Search for promo codes online (in your search engine, just type in the words "promotional code +, the name of the store that you are purchasing the item from" and the promotional code if available should come up). 

MalibuMara says that discount codes are "a good thing because sometimes you don't want to pay for shipping, so a 20% off code can offset that OR you can just get free shipping altogether!" She offers up some great codes here: at Fredflare.com,  the code: 'FF17' Gets you 20% off and the code 'Present' Gets you free shipping. At Karmaloop.com, 'TASH09' Gets 15% off, and at Urban Outfitters for 20% off you can use the code 'GIFTED'. She also recommends retailmenot.com "...If you sign up for a mailing list they usually send you discounts to your emails" the same goes for,  "aldoshoes.com ( so you can ) get great savings on their shoes."

MalibuMara gives one last tip for shoppers and that is to wait for high priced items at shoe stores and stores like Coach & Zara to be marked down up to 50% off at the end of the month. 

Now that you know the do's and don't's of shopping this year, I hope these tips gave you some insight on how to shop smart and still have some money left over so that you can treat yourself to something special! 

urs truly,

For more info on fashion blogger MalibuMara you can visit her site : http://malibumara.blogspot.com

Friday, November 27, 2009


mah bo0skie. trey's video to 'lol smiley face' is just another reason why i respect him so much .. he shows love to his fans more than any artist i know..

enjoy! :)


here are just a few of my bday pics ..
 i celebrated @ bbkings in times square with my homegurl jalisa!
 u can follow her on twitter:
 enjoy! :)

me & my bro @ MAC in the mall

me in the whip on the way to bbkings

me @ bbkings

me & jalisa :D

Thursday, November 26, 2009



so far my thanksgiving is going great! hows urs? 
regardless of how its spent i pray that you will have a happy day..
if you feel that you have nothing to be thankful for be thankful for life...
Live.Love.Life y`all cause its way too short.
God Bless..

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


today's my birthday folks!!

wish me a happy birthday i'd really appreciate it :)


Jason Derulo

i watched this kid Jason Derulo on The Wendy Williams Show last night and his performance of Watcha Say  was really entertaining. he has a really nice voice and i liked his overall performance (even though he was a little out of breath at times. however, that can be worked on) @ only 20 yrs old repping Miami Fl, i really believe he can  give Chris Brown a run for his money ...watch out for this kid. He has the number one song in the country right now, watch the official video of Watcha Say  here:

Jay Sean

Another new artist here in the US ,  i believe he's been around for some time in the UK but recently came here and is now a new artist on Cash Money Records i like his song Down. he performed it last night on The Mo'nique Show. check his video out below:


'Watcha Say' Available on iTunes Now

"All Or Nothing"...In Stores Now...

for more info visit:


 One hit wonders or will they be in it for the long run??
i suppose only time will tell...i wish them both the best.
what do you think?

Monday, November 23, 2009


...The wait is ova...
..Rhi Rhi's album Rated R in stores today..

(click to purchase album online)

Rihanna "Rated R" Official Album Cover & Tracklist

listen to the entire album here 
rihanna. rated r 
[explicit content : parental discretion is advised]

HOT or NOT??

(thoughts? comments? reactions? below.)

Sunday, November 22, 2009


"...If God be for us, who can ever be against us?"
Romans 8:31

Saturday, November 21, 2009


toni braxton f. mah booskie - so yesterday

HOT or NOT???

me personally i only like the song 
& video cus mah boo is on it ;)
..anyway - enjoy!..

Friday, November 20, 2009


brian. (you tube.comedian) gives his funny rendition of beyonce jumping into the audience.

actual video of beyonce. jumping into audience during a london performance.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


remember this chick 
back in the day


i dont know about you ...
 but i miss the old innocent 'pondireplay' riri 

 ...somewhere along the way...
...this happened...

then it seems that as she healed over night...
she turned into this goth "all black everything" queen


something must be done to stop the madness!!
im writing her a letter!

if anyone reads this and knows how to get in contact with her pls fwd this to her;

dear riri,

"what happened?"

sincerely , 

(sorry thats all i could come up with for now..
i guess i'll update this later)

see the transformation for yourself

rihanna . pon de reply

rihanna . russian roulette

(thoughts? comments? reactions? below.)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


-wutcha think?


i can say that for the first time in a LONG time -- im happy :) im glad that ive finally moved on from a chapter in my life that i really needed to stop lingering over for a long time and i mean a VERY lonnnnnggggg time! you ever been so caught up "in love" with someone that your blind to the possibility that it may not really be love at all? well that was me -- but not anymore. it took something or should i say, someone else ((wink)) to help me realize that i wasnt in love at all it was just pure lust...and i all i can say is black roses -- in other words that relationship is DEAD..no need to dwell on my past anymore cause my future is lookin bright :)



Tuesday, November 17, 2009


okay so please tell me im not the only one who is sick and tired of seeing beyonce and lady gaga in these silly one piece leotards...nevertheless their new video is a banger 
..check it out!

(thoughts? comments? reactions? below.)


as most of you all might know ray j is lookin for love again, hence the name of his show For the Love of RayJ (season 2). Last season he picked Cocktail over Unique, but apparently things just didnt work out between the two of them so he's back at it again...last nights episode was funny, one of the girls named Luscious "smashed the homie" again!


last season it was Danger's crazy behind but this season i think theres an even crazier chic, Lava who got sent home along with Just Right who just wasnt right for Ray because there was no connection. but check this out! he kept Luscious who smashed the homie only because she came clean and told him the truth! (after she already denied it THREE times!)...if you ask me once a liar always a liar she should've got sent home from the jump...but i think its only a matter of time before she gets sent home anyway.

Lava & JustRight