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Monday, December 14, 2009


okay so im in a bit of a dilemma and i need your help...who you?? yes you.. lol im a bit iffy about posting my personal business out there for the world to see because it makes me so vulnerable but bare with me as i try to express myself the best way i can...

so theres this guy ive been "dating" since april and im really into him, im sure he knows it but ive never told him ; the reason why i havent said anything is because he hasnt said anything to me ( as far as his feelings goes )... he has never (..maybe once) told me he likes me so im feeling a bit insecure; like "maybe this guy is just not that into me." hes quick to call me when its time for us to have "relations" but as far as us ever going out or doing anything outside the bedroom we dont do much. what i want to know is, 
is this guy into me or is he just after one thing?


[...what u just read above is a post ive been keeping in my drafts for the past couple of days because i've just been too scared to broadcast my true feelings but i feel that if i cant keep it real with you who the hell can i keep it real with?!...]

i already know the answer to my question and ive decided last night after i wrote down the pros and cons of our half a$s relationship.. even tho the pros outweighed the cons// the cons had a lot more meaning to me (for example the pros were more like his physical attributes, but when i looked at the cons ; they affected how i was actually feeling & how he really feels towards me --i will post SOME of the pros and cons below )

PROS: Physically Attractive , strong minded , independent, employed etc.
CONS: never calls/texts me , doesnt care for me, doesnt communicate his feelings etc.

with that being said i need do get over this guy -- cause he is NOT treating me how i should be treated. i know that if i cut him off he will realize that he had a good woman but he f#$%@d up and lost her. 

oh well ....On to the next one!!!

urs truly,


Donielle K. said...

dump him. he's only after one thing. if you guys only do that, then your basically his cut buddy. i say you drop him...there are plenty other guys out there who aren't after just sex.

Abena said...

ahhh true talk

.MochaSista. said...

@donielle k. thanks for ur insight..thats xactly what im going to do.."drop him." sooner or later hes gonna regret that he lost me...

CrazyPrettyLady said...

Let me breathe before I go on my "men are Dogs" rampage.

To be honest, you need to leave a$$ASAP. Not to be blunt, but if you are not good enough for him to call before 11pm rolls around, that means that he is not the one. Now, granted you are getting yours but do you want to risk a broken heart because it seems to me that you are developing feelings for him. I think you know the answer about what you should do... Besides, if you are in need of "release your stress"you can go to the "adult" shop if and pick up a few "things" if you need them for those "lonely night" lol. Seriously though, save yourself the heartache and move to someone that want you for you.
Take Care :-)

Anonymous said...

I know that I am a little late on this, but I say MOVE ON girlie. If you have to ever wonder if a guy is into you - that is a big red flag! I spent years wondering if guys liked me - looking at their actions and analyzing it all to death. Then I just decided to listen to what I had been told and believe that if a man is really into you... you will not have to wonder because he will be letting you know. Now, that is not to say the ones that let you know are not lames either, BUT I would rather feel wanted than to have to wonder. Time will tell and to keep it all the way real - it is just best to wait on God to send you someone. I know that may not be the most popular mantra nowadays and it may take some patience, BUT I see so many people get in messed up sitations trying to keep someone in their lives. It is not always easy to stand alone, but I have been doing it for the longest and it really turns out to be rewading in the end!!! Bottom line - you deserve better so uh... don't waste your time and sell your self short. I know that was long winded, but I hope that helps.

davidssister said...

Hey, i think all of us at one time or another have been in this type of situation. It is a good ideal to let him go before your deeper involved with more memories. Your value is so much more. Sometimes it seems easier than done trust me i've been there. At least you can feel whats happening. Hey pls stop by my blog beautyisfromheaven and show it some love. Godbless!

Anonymous said...

He doesn't have to care about you because you give him what he wants and so he doesn't have to care or respect or value you. You are beautiful and valuable so love yourself by walking away.