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Monday, December 7, 2009


okay so today im on one of my fave sites: necolebitchie.com and i find out that female rappers/entertainers TRINA and NICKI MINAJ celebrated their bdays this past weekend in ATL.. *side note in case u were wondering TRINA is now 31 (she was born dec 3 1978*) and NICKI turns 25 tomorrow, dec 08..

anyway back to the reason why i decided to create this blog; i was looking thru sum pics and low and behold i definitely wasnt surprised when i saw this ...

 i love you nicki but this has got to STOP!!! its NOT cute ; especially wen you got a whole bunch of other chicks in the club posin with the exact same face on!! please if u think u are a barbie or ever called urself one #hoehaveaseat!!! i cant stress the following words enuf : "pretending to be a barbie in real life is NOT cute!! so please please please stop it!!!" 
[ death to the barbie face* ]
... anyway im gone!! on to the next one!!!

urs truly,


Neesh B Fly said...

haha i'm so sick of people thinking they're barbies or minaj's addin that to the ewnd of their names and ish that's lame people need to hop off her team

astoldbybrody said...

lol yea i have to agree..
most def tried of seeing
every girl on twitter calling
their self __minaj...shit's lame
where's the originality??

Jo-Ezzy said...

hahaha the barbie look always gives that "trying too hard feel" its dumb.

sheiswinterwest said...

i thought i was the only one tired of this "barbie" "5 star chick" Bullshxt!!! lets be realistic.. half of these girls claiming to be a "barbie" is just NOT that chick... i say your barbie/ nicki minaj name change's all on facebook & twitter has been denied!!! move on already!! LOL love the post!!


Ray Ray said...

lol word!

DivaDish said...

agreed!! i'm so sick of everybody wanting to be a damn barbie, OMG.. its almost as bad as EVERYBODY claiming to be a diva LOL.. Yes, i'm a DIVA but everybody aint LOL.

simone_dior said...

amen chile!! *waving church fan*

RoByn LaTice said...

lol..Im beyond sick of this barbie shit! BEYOND! Nice post!

pennanddpaper said...

i must put this pic on my page !

QUIT calling yourself barbie !
plastic and fake ? No Bueno !

madd love .

Nee said...

LMAO @ that last picture. Barbie is a plastic doll. She should stay that way.