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Friday, September 24, 2010


There is a fourth young man claiming that he had sexual relations with Atlanta's Bishop Eddie Long read more about it here: [Source]

Lord knows i dont know what to think or say about this,
but FOUR ppl cant be lying!
come'on son!
i just hope there arent anymore.

what yall think about this?


which of his last two albums (Ready/Passion Pain&Pleasure) are better?

im gonna have to say that he couldve waited a little longer before he came out with PPP 
because the album could use some more work.
 Now before all the Trey stans go HAM take some time to
think about it...

Don't get me wrong its an OKAY album but Ready was WAY better! i can listen to Ready from front to back without skipping any songs and on PPP i have about
4 favorite songz max...
Perhaps PPP needs to grow on me sommore
 but honestly for now ima have to stick with Ready til he comes out with sumthing better.

what do you guys think? Let Me Know!



Wednesday, September 1, 2010


i didnt even know this song had a video
 til i looked it up just now..
Jasmine Sullivan "Holdin You Down"
another banger im gonna have to dedicate this one to my ex...
"i wanna go but i keep comin back... " ahh the story of my life!


im crushin on sumone hard right now
so im gonna have to dedicate this song
(well maybe just the chorus) to him
tee hee...lol enjoy..