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In case youhaven't already glanced my "about me" section I guess it would be appropriate to reiterate it here:

My name is Vincia, its pronounced; (vin-see-ya)

I often get frustrated when people don't say it right..

::Biggie voice:: "So if yadon'tknow, now ya know! "

I'm a 23 yr-old up and coming Journalist from queensNY & the purpose of this blog is just so i can share my thoughts with whoever cares to read them.

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Friday, April 30, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010


hey guys i havent posted in a while ... hope u all are doing well cause im doing good!

anyway lemme get right into it i just finished not too long ago finished watching a few reality tv shows and i must admit like i know many of u all are im hooked but i see that from now on my sunday nights are gonna be jam packed with television....first i watched an episode of Sunday Best Season 3 with my mom and it was hella funny with all the auditions in detroit if u missed it im sure they'll repeat it ...its BET what the heck u expect?!

amyway next i watched:

then i watched:

and last but not least i watched:

i would get into a summary of each one but that would be too much to type and im kinna tired but basically i liked basketball wives the best because it was huge a display of a hot mess...and i will be tuning in next week.

did any of u tune in to any of these shows? if so what did u think???