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Sunday, April 11, 2010


hey guys i havent posted in a while ... hope u all are doing well cause im doing good!

anyway lemme get right into it i just finished not too long ago finished watching a few reality tv shows and i must admit like i know many of u all are im hooked but i see that from now on my sunday nights are gonna be jam packed with television....first i watched an episode of Sunday Best Season 3 with my mom and it was hella funny with all the auditions in detroit if u missed it im sure they'll repeat it ...its BET what the heck u expect?!

amyway next i watched:

then i watched:

and last but not least i watched:

i would get into a summary of each one but that would be too much to type and im kinna tired but basically i liked basketball wives the best because it was huge a display of a hot mess...and i will be tuning in next week.

did any of u tune in to any of these shows? if so what did u think???


Ro said...

a mess....a mess and a HAM!
But I will be WATCHING
just for Brandy’s lacefront...Chili "matchmaker" and ROYCE.

Girl About Business said...

I watched Sunday's Best, only because my cousin was the first person to audition and he was horrible. No, I wasn't aware that he would be on there making a fool of himself. LMAO, oh and I watched Brandy and Ray J. I wasn't too impressed with that. I'd rather watch Kendra and the Kardashians! Chilli is a hot mess. End of story!

.MochaSista. said...

@ ro omg omg how cud i forget BRANDYs LACEFRONT!! tell me about it...and could chilli have not found a mOre GHETTO matchmaker to work with??? ugh! and as 4 royce im not even gonna go in on her she is just to grown to still be actin like a slut i guess hoes dont have an age cut off nowadays lol

@Girl...oh no that was UR COUSIN??? if u talkin about the dude who was in the white shirt that went first then yes id have to agree with the term HORRIBLE!! lol he was funny as hell tho...tell him i said thanks for the laugh! and get a signing coach asap! (even tho i doubt that wud help) lmaooooo sorry i had to do it!

NC17 said...

I give VH1 credit for seeing the financial upswing of black exploitation tv.