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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

last nights bad girls club was hilarious!!

if u missed it i hope u catch the rerun 
cause all kinds of sh!t was goin down LOL 

who seen it??


MalibuMara said...

omg poor flo,
they all sent her running for the hills!
i can't wait for that reunion!!!

Cook.ThePoet. said...

I loooved it! Flo is not rider @ all! Dont matter if you beefin w. the rest of the house, she shoulda been all up in that fight too jus because you came their w. dem. humph. tlk soo much but walked away . smhh


Girl About Business said...

Yes- that was hilarious! Flo is so fake in my opinion... Wait, they are all fake as all hell! Funny, but fake :-) Annie's little conniving ass, and Amber the Wannabe are just too funny. I'm over Lexie, Natalie and Kendra- they're gross. Kate is too. I can't believe she had the swine flu though, THE SWINE FLU LMAO! The reunion will definitely be hilarious... can't wait to see it! OMG!

.MochaSista. said...

@Malibu: i cant wait for the reunion either.. i need to see another good fight LOL..i kno Flo will be comin back with a VENGEANCE!!

@Cook: i think flo is a rider just not for ppl who dont have her back, so in turn why should she have theirs?

@Girl: u to0k the words right outta my mouth! i dont think flo is fake tho she just confused, jealous, and sexually frustrated ..that can def make u act all kinds a crazy! lol