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Friday, January 8, 2010


its been 22 days since ive spoken to HIM. and im happy about that.. (^_^)
my goal is 100 days without any kind of contact with HIM..

when i found myself becoming addicted to someone who showed absolutely no interest in me...

i had to take a step back observe the situation and set a goal for myself...

No talking to HIM for 100 days..no texting. no accepting booty calls. no emails. no pop-up visits. etc.

& its all because of a few encouraging words from you guys i really appreciate all your support.

i know some of you are wondering what will i do after i reach my 100 day mark??., i honestly have no idea... Maybe i'll go out and celebrate! but for right now im just gonna worry about the days ahead..

yesterday i started missing and craving him something serious but i have to do this for myself.

i know i can do it. Once he realizes that i cut him off he'll probably call me and ask me what happen or maybe he'll just move on...

Something deep down inside is hoping that he calls and says that he'll try and treat me better cause hes realized what hes missing out on.

But why is it that when u want them to do something without telling them to do it they never do it??

Chances are he wont change but im hoping he will realize why i cut him off. lets just say this is his time out in the corner to realize what hes done wrong...

only problem with that is him not realizing why i put him on time out in the first place.

urs truly.,

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Ro said...

That post is whats up!
I love that...I too am addicted chick...and I gets my fix.lol. But you are showing streghth that many don't have. I wont BORE you with all my preaching but I promise you..HE already knows. Its what he chooses to do to get you to otherwise that will matter...and then if you REAALLYYY feel some kinda way about him....its gonna be On and Poppin :-) lollll

Karissa said...

haha.. girl i been followin yu fa a minute now..

i love your blog.. i keep up with it on a regular basis..

sheiswinterwest said...

i love this post! i feel where your coming from. your def. showing strength.. whatever is meant to be will be..


RoByn LaTice said...

I'm addicted too! It takes real strength to pull away! Good luck! :)