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Friday, January 1, 2010


I can't seem to find a way to get over him..

I can't seem to find a way to unlike him...

U ever been into sumbody that was just not that into u?

Well I'm on the receiving end of rejection, however I feel as though him not wanting me as much as I want him is making me want him more.

The only reason I feel sum sort of rejection is because he never expresses his feelings to me. And that really sucks, however I find myself making excuses for him and his behavior when in reality I need to just let him go. 

I want to let him go because 1. he's already let go of me 
and 2. it will allow me to move on to the next one without any baggage or feelings left lingering in the air.

basically what I'm saying is one door needs to close before I open another and me caring way too much for sumone who don't give two shits about me is seriously hindering me from being in a healty relationship with sumone who actually does care... *sigh* ... This is an issue that I clearly need to work on and for those of u who are quick to say drop him like a bad habit, just remember that's easier said than done...

this nigga is like my weakness... for the new year i feel like i need a new boo, dont get it twisted i got my priorities in order first and foremost above anything i want to get back in school and finish. but handling the situation i have with this guy difficult... i just want to move on -- but i cant. whats a woman to do???


pennanddpaper said...

i suggest you really sit down and evaluate the situation. you cant be so happy its hard to let go or you woudlnt have posted this. you're not getting what you want and need from him while hes doing what he wants when he wants and not worried about you or your feelings. sometimes we have to make hard decisions because its what is right for us. yea its not easy to do but at the end we'll either look back and be glad we did or be in the same rut and maybe deeper cursing ourselves for not leaving sooner.

madd love && good luck !

happy new year !

SinfulLyo said...

we all go through this. i'm still somewhat going through it. there is no clear cut answer but the best way to let go/get over someone is to have the strongest will power EVER, accept the reality of the situation, sever ties, and heal [time needs to pass]. sounds simple enough but it's so hard to follow through. my problem comes in with the severance of ties [my ex's bday is jan 19th and every bone in my body is telling me to call him smh]. just remind yourself that holding on is hindering your growth...

Anonymous said...

I definitely know the situation you are in but like you have already mentioned, you do need to let go and move on (I know easier said than done) but its best because otherwise you will end up hurt. Happy new year!

.MochaSista. said...

@pennanddpaper: ive evaluated and ive contemplated...its not going to be easy but im unhappy especially when im dealing with him so i need to eliminate him from my life..i dont plan on telling him either, its easier this way..im on a 100day plan where i plan on eliminating anyone or anything negative in my life for 100days so far its been like a week...wish me luck i got 93 more days to go!! lol and thank u for ur advice.

@sinfuLyo: hes definitely blocking my growth emotionally - hes kind of like a blockage for me; hindering me from being with someone who actually does care about my feelings..i absolutely need to sever my ties with him before it gets any worse. as for jan 19th u better not call him..i know its hard girl but what helps me is when i turn my fone off for the whole day that way i dont go to check it or pick it up to call someone.. make sure u keep urself extremely occupied that day so u wont even think to call him...good luck with that girl..i know u can do it..

@Tia: Thanks girl! i appreciate the feedback!!