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Monday, January 18, 2010


as we all know hes STILL lookin' for love...
with only 3 girls left this season
who do you think is gonna win???


Mz. Berry



who do you want to win??


RoByn LaTice said...

This is one reality show I wont watch. but im gone put my 2 cent in anyway. i think Mz. Berry should win...shes prettiest! lol...shallow reason..!

Anonymous said...

Mz. Beery all the way.

Luscious looks lyk the type to cheat or party wayyy too much

& platnium is in love with her ex

Anonymous said...

Ms Berry cant handle Ray J's lifestyle especially with all the female fans he has..she gets too jealous..luscious is a no no and Platinum could be the best fit so am gonna be routing for her

sssdawna said...


anyway, umm...i was thinkin about this and i just don't even know. mz berry is obviously in love with him which is good. but she can also seem clingy which is bad. the thing is, she has kids and a career so i doubt she would be clingy/jealous all the time.

platinum grew up in la with luscious. they got on the show together. she's in love with her ex. lol i am just suspicious of her motives!! she is focusing on nursing school and is laid back, which are two good things. if he doesn't want a long term thing, she'd be the one to pick. ya know, if he'd just like another sex tape in his collection LOL