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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


the highlight of last nights 
bad girls club
...lol hillarious...ENJOY!!


MalibuMara said...

why do i love this pointless show! lol,
honestly, if someone pushed me in a pool and broke my ankle ID THREATEN THEM TOO! i dont know why everyonwas all like ummm leave go home!

Ro said...

I hollered.
I can't stand Amber's hypocritical azz....and Flo is a straight up dude..
Loves this mess of a show..LOLLL

A.R. said...

i love that show, and flo is my favorite.

eyeswideopen said...

This show is fire..flo beat that ass lol


RoByn LaTice said...

I missed this. I was devastated. I wish her ankle wasnt her..i wanted her to whoop her more! Sorry, cant stand Amber.!

aimes said...

...I ::heart:: this show, too. To be honest, if Natalie was to go home that one episode, I'm not too sure it would still be worth watching. Right? Kendra gets on my nerves at times!