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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


bad girls club episode 5 
"Dont sweat the New B!tch"

two words to describe this episode: PURE trash

this show is seriously like a 
bad car accident on the side of the highway
 u know its bad and u shouldnt stare
 but u slow down and watch anyway.. 

kate began the show openly expressing that she didn't want to go to a "black sweaty" club *blank stare* i had to do a double take like "wtfshejustsay?" she later on apologized and said that she didnt mean anything by it....*side glance* yeah right --anyway ... 

the girls reluctantly welcomed the new chic into the house and that was pretty much it. 

the new girl ... shes not so cute but she seems like she likes to have fun she got naked and hopped in the pool on the first night and of course Florina needed a bib to catch the drool that was dribbling out of her mouth. 

umm what else happened? the girls went out to the club and Natalie came home with some no - name buck-toof dude and let him sleep with her in her bed...im tryna think if i missed anything but everything else that happened is irrelevant the whole episode was irrelevant but i will be tuning in next week lol wont you???

heres the link to the preview for episode 6.

1 comment:

pennanddpaper said...

my sister had me watching that garbage too ! natalies little boothang of the night was some NOBODY that plays for the boston celtics.

hm. must be another Keyshia Cole babydaddy sub-player. lol