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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


If you haven't watched/seen this show already u must have been living under a rock for the past 3weeks!
Last nights episode was crazy and from the looks of it previews and snippets of next weeks episode its going to get even crazier!

In case you havet seen it heres a recap; Natalie the chic who claims she "Runs LA!!" (in episode 2) slapped kendra in the face and kendra did absolutely nothing about it ; of course natalie shouldve gotten sent home but it was up to kendra to make that decison.

Kendra thinks that by keeping Nat in the house and remaining frenz with Nat that she'll have connections and be able to "network" better while in los angeles if she keeps Nat around. Anyway after she made her decision the gurls decide to form pact against nat&kendra because of kendras decision, and nat is obviously happy because she has kendra on her side. 

So now later on in the episode all seven of the girls :
(Annie: Ms.squeaky annoying voice, Portia: Ms. bad weave with drawn on eyebrows, Florina. Ms. Butch aka the motha of the house, Kate: Ms. Malibu Barbie, Amber: Ms.Angry b!tch and of course Natalie Ms. "I RUN LA!" &Kendra the two who got into the first fight of the season and are now bffs for life!) go to a poolside party at a hotel and everything is going fine until about 5 of the girls want to go home so four of the girls minus kendra natalie and Flo get in the car and leave Ms. Butch behind. Butch gets home and flips out on everyone because they left her at the hotel party with nat and kendra. She says she can't trust anyone and basically swears that she can't be frenz with any of them. 

But then, all of a sudden she starts spending time with nat and kendra. Anyway to make a long story short the house is now serparated into two clicks according to Ms. Angry b!tch "there are now two groups the 'classy girls' and the 'trashy girls'" I just can't wait to see Natalie and Portia aka pencil brows go at it in next weeks episode. Omg can't wait !!! Lol.

Bad Girls Club airs on Oxygen Tuesdays @ 10pmEST
...dont miss it! :)


bombsup! said...

great recap !!
and i love that show
definitely will be watching on tuesday
and you have a wonderful blog =>

.MochaSista. said...

thanks hun! :)

princessvalecia said...

I'm so excited about this fight tonight! Natalie gets on my nerves. As creepy as pencil brows is I want her to beat the breaks off Natalie....she looks like Mr. Ed anyway