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Friday, December 11, 2009


with christmas exactly two weeks away im just not feeling it - is anyone else feeling like this???
i know u all heard it already a million times before but "we're in a recession &
times are hard!"
 i hope my frenz arent expecting anything this year 'cause i sure aint got the money to be buying gifts.. [i sound so cheap i know!!] hmm ... maybe i'll make something! a trip to Michael's [arts and crafts store] aint neva hurt nobody and besides whenever u make a gift it shows that your giving from your heart and not  from your pocket....i dont know guys 
..any ideas? what are your holiday plans??
 ..what are you getting your fam& frenz for the holidays? let a sista know cause right now im clueless...


Kananne :remind me said...

im feeling you im 16 and this year really hit my parents hard im giving my friends cheap, wearable to any occasion jewlery and their favorite make up brands.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! Cheers to the journalist in this world!!

And I have no clue what I'm getting my friends...a card and a smile maybe??? lol I mean I'ma try but the gifts might be a little late...maybe sometime in february.

.MochaSista. said...

@ kananne the jewelry is a go0d idea but the make up can be expensive sometimes well atleast for me cus my frenz and i usually wear MAC but thats so nice of you..

@ Chymere LOL& thanks for the love hun!


Niku said...

lol @ "a trip to Micheal's aint ever hurt nobody" i feel ya girl! i agree with the jewelry idea. they sell really nice jewelry making kits at the craft stores. they come with pretty beads, string, all the stuff you need. not expensive either! i had one, and i made tons of necklaces for people.

Anonymous said...

My family is not even doing Christmas gifts this year and I must say that I am really glad. It is too much pressure and no you are not alone... I am not feeling it either. I just don't see the point in breaking the bank if you don't have too. Christmas to me is about glorifing Jesus's birthday and spending time with family. All I need is a good dinner and I am fine. :o)

Anonymous said...

When in doubt, GET GIFT CARDS! That's what I usually do. Although I mostly like to get people actual presents, it is better to get gift cards so they can pick out the gifts that they want rather that you giving them something they don't want.