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Monday, December 14, 2009


lmao did anybody see nicki minaj on 106and park with robin thicke today? 
a HOT mess! 
okay first robin thicke comes out in a tight black velvet suit and performs 'SEX THERAPY' for a crowd of screaming 14-18 year old girls SMH ( A W K W A R D ) then later on in the show he performs 'Shaking it for Daddy' and Nicki Minaj comes out in a tight ugly red sparkling dress with her non matching signature pink extensions all i can say is O M G of course all the guys in the crowd went wild including terrance j who always acts a fool on that show. S M H just another reason why im beginning to think i need to stop watchin BET.... 
 -the end.


in case u havent heard the song yet heres
Robin Thicke f. Nicki Minaj Shakin it for Daddy..

heres the actual performance:


MalibuMara said...

thank you for the bday wish and this song is nice!

pennanddpaper said...

lol i loved this post ! you was all up in my head on this one.

madd love .

KarinaG.L. קרינה said...

Robin thick is just looking for a hit single, and Nicki is look for ex poser. I remember Nicki when she was underground and on BET cypher, music was better than the wasck trash she is doing now. Itty Bitty Piggy? C'mon, your from queens, act like it!. Thanks for sharing.