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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


smh this is a poor cry out for attention...if that was the case she might as well have done the cover for Playboy im not surprised at all that she did this she wouldve been better off making this her album cover perhaps she wouldve gotten more sales...

what??...im just sayin!


ALLiii3.x.X said...

I thought just the other day she was "trying to make a change" and "being an example for the young girls out there" ?? THIS is what she's trying to show the world, especially her admirers and those who follow her, who she really is?? Ha, smart. Thank God for a 15 year old I know better than to think this is how you recover from abuse and shame... Nice job Rihanna! [Personal opinion, thankyouu! :)]

Anonymous said...

I agree. She really needs attention. Maybe she thinks this will boost record sales.

All I know is, this is SO Britney Spears on Rolling Stone in 2003

Donielle K. said...

she wanted to do that, let her put her stuff out there. i don't support because there are MANY other ways to get attention. But sooo many people wanna be behind Rihanna on this "Chriannah" thing....she just needs to sit down and have some "Rihanna" time for a good 6 months

cecelia; said...

wait, so whats the problem?

of course she needs attention.. that's what keeps all celebrities afloat, lol.

she looks good. why not?

Anonymous said...

I am so over her and I feel bad for saying that, but I just feel like she has gotten way too weird for my tastebuds. I sort of feel like this whole new image is not really who she is either. I don't know - Maybe it is just me.

pennanddpaper said...

i dont know how anyone can possibly think she is a good role model these days. shes always half dressed or less and steady milking the situation with her and CB.
i just shake my head at her most of the time. atleast she was honest though " Good Girl Gone Bad."

madd love .

_Lil Miss Butta said...

I Loveeee Rihanna ! Shee Can Change Her Image Its Nothin Wrong W. That

DivaDish said...

I thought the shoot was hot.. other than her constantly grabbing her cooch LOL.. She has a banging body and she wasnt showing anything major!! I liked it!!

.MochaSista. said...

for someone who should be a role model to young girls .. being half naked on the cover of Playboy (eh-hem* oh sorry excuse me ..) i meant to say , GQ is not the way to go. but if its attn she wanted she sure as hell got it!


RoByn LaTice said...

I thought the shoot was hot as well! i liked it..she has an amazing body..and she is a celebrity..arent they all attention seekers when it really boils down?

ThinkGoHard said...

I don't care how much attention she wants. I'm focused....

Don said...

rihanna go HARD.