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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


according to *friends in my head MediaTakeOut.com 
Jay-z and Beyonce 
are moving to Las Vegas!

...does anyone even care? 
i mean me personally i think they BOTH need to lay low for about a year...cus im a little sick of hearing about them - especially B...anyway -- for more info on the move click here


Kel said...

You too? THANK YOU! She always does that... when she's promoting something it's non-stop-in-your-face-Beyonce, and when she 'goes away' you don't miss her any. And the "Empire State of Mind" stuff is getting to be overkill. LOVe the song, but when they play it too much.. you get to where you start hating it... anyway, I agree with your post! :)

.MochaSista. said...

@ Kel..YES gurl! A N Y break from beyonce is a well needed & appreciated one!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha! You too? I thought that it was just me. lol. Honestly, why do we even care that they are moving. Unless they are moving out of the spotlight... I don't really care. Can we please focus on something important like world hunger or healthcare. Geeesh!

pennanddpaper said...

mann this is me all the way !
she can totally RETIRE right now and i would be a-okay about it. people just put so much on both of them when really, i dont see the big deal. both of them make good music but damn ! we know who yal are ! give us a chance to miss you and beg you to come back.

shit, im still keepin hope alive that lauryn hill will come back years later lol.

madd love.