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Sunday, December 27, 2009


did u miss me?? lol prolly not --- but thats cool i didn't miss u either ;) 

so basically to sum up my holiday weekend, I spent time with the fam on Christmas day until like 2am- spent majority of my day in bed Saturday, went to church today (came home and then returned to church later on in the evening for a Christmas Program- which was really nice., any event or function that serves food after is a goo0d event to me LoL) but yeah thats about it...nothing overly exciting . 

this weekend i realized how good it is to give and not always hold my hand out expecting to receive.

 [speaking of receiving i didnt receive anything excessive - i got a pair of socks , a daily planner and a scarf :/ but hey whos complaing?? :)  my real gift was the gift of giving <-- that was corny right,  yeah i know. but hey its the truth. to see my fam happy made me happy.]

how was your weekend?? care to share?

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the.kisser said...

i'm glad you enjoyed your holiday. and yeah food does make everything better..lol