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In case youhaven't already glanced my "about me" section I guess it would be appropriate to reiterate it here:

My name is Vincia, its pronounced; (vin-see-ya)

I often get frustrated when people don't say it right..

::Biggie voice:: "So if yadon'tknow, now ya know! "

I'm a 23 yr-old up and coming Journalist from queensNY & the purpose of this blog is just so i can share my thoughts with whoever cares to read them.

If you have any thoughts, concerns, suggestions, questions or comments feel free to drop a few words :)

much love.,


Saturday, December 5, 2009


GOD. chocolate.jamaican food. gummi bears. bear hugs. vanilla milk shakes. sour powers. "now-ah-laduhz:" . entennmens cinnabuns.island views. inside jokes. hot cholcolate. mah MOMMY. swimming. dimples. cookie dough icecream. smell good candles. "after hours". full moons. cute puppiescute babies. reading. writing. singing. dancing. club hopping. laughing til' my tummy hurts. eskimo kissez. being held. mcdonalds (lol dont front) . traveling. SALES. shopping. red lobster cheddar biscuits. massages. TREY SONGZ. kissing. sex on the beach ;) [the drink!] . being carefree.good music laser tag.

[what are some things you love???]

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