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Saturday, November 28, 2009


If any of you are anything like me you stayed home yesterday on Black Friday. Theres just something about being bomabarded with shopping bags and having my toes rolled over with baby carriages that just makes me want to crawl up into a hole and hide until all the mad-shoppers (yes thats what i call them) go away ...However, It's that time of year again -- 'tis the season to give gifts!, For those of you who used to be generous givers, you may not feel in too much of a giving mood this year., Yes times are hard for most of us, but here are some smart shopping tips that will get you back into the giving spirit -- and will save you time and money. 

Fashion Blogger, MalibuMara would agree that a bargain at any time of year is a great one. In her blog she mentions that she stayed home on Black Friday as well but offered up some great deals, keep reading to find some great discount codes that will help you get more bang for your buck. But first,

What to do before you shop: 

  •  Print coupons off the Internet., Coupons are one of the best ways to save money and there are plenty available online. Check out couponcabin.com, couponalbum.com and ebates.com for further information on how to get printable coupons. There may also be coupons available in store or on the store's actual Website -- don't forget to check for those as well. 
  •  Leave early so you can arrive early. In this case, "the early shopper gets to take advantage of the best sale." So get there early, you can thank me for it later.  
  •  Don't forget to bring water and snacks so, you won't have to spend any unnecessary money on food or drinks. Wear comfy shoes -- heels are not a good idea if you're going to be walking from store to store. 

What to do when you shop: 

  •  First and foremost, have a budget and stick to it to avoid impulse buying. Plan ahead of time -- when you plan ahead, you know in advance what you're going to get., If it's not on your list don't get it -- stick to your budget!  
  •  Remember -- just because it's advertised doesn't mean its the cheapest., Always check for unadvertised specials. 
  •  Shop with Cash-Only. Keep your cash in an envelope, it will help keep your spending in check and will help you keep in mind how much you have already spent. When it's gone its gone, and you can't spend any more money. If you must, leave your credit card and checkbook at home. 
  •  When shopping for clothing, don't be afraid to search through the clearance rack
  •  Due to volume, discounts at larger stores are generally cheaper than smaller ones. 
  •  Remember that no particular store has the lowest price on ALL items.
  •  Remember the rule of three: If an item can be used in three ways, you will not be wasting your money. 
  •  Beware of fancy packaging, it will only cost you more money. 
  • To avoid crowds, do not shop after work or on paydays.

If you are a person who, hates long lines, and being trampled and knocked over with shopping bags and baby carriages as i mentioned earlier, try to shop online. Shopping online is a great way to shop without having to worry, plus it's great knowing that you can shop from the comfort of your own home. Search for promo codes online (in your search engine, just type in the words "promotional code +, the name of the store that you are purchasing the item from" and the promotional code if available should come up). 

MalibuMara says that discount codes are "a good thing because sometimes you don't want to pay for shipping, so a 20% off code can offset that OR you can just get free shipping altogether!" She offers up some great codes here: at Fredflare.com,  the code: 'FF17' Gets you 20% off and the code 'Present' Gets you free shipping. At Karmaloop.com, 'TASH09' Gets 15% off, and at Urban Outfitters for 20% off you can use the code 'GIFTED'. She also recommends retailmenot.com "...If you sign up for a mailing list they usually send you discounts to your emails" the same goes for,  "aldoshoes.com ( so you can ) get great savings on their shoes."

MalibuMara gives one last tip for shoppers and that is to wait for high priced items at shoe stores and stores like Coach & Zara to be marked down up to 50% off at the end of the month. 

Now that you know the do's and don't's of shopping this year, I hope these tips gave you some insight on how to shop smart and still have some money left over so that you can treat yourself to something special! 

urs truly,

For more info on fashion blogger MalibuMara you can visit her site : http://malibumara.blogspot.com


Malibu said...

hey i sent you the email , nice blog btw!

.MochaSista. said...

thank u so0 much!

MalibuMara said...

this is a wonderful post i love it and i spelt the shoe store wrong,
its aldoshoes.com not ALsO lol, im sorry :) im going to link to this post on my blog i love your tips that you have!

Neesh B Fly said...

Pretty Cool Post..Very Helpful

.MochaSista. said...

thnx neesh! :)