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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


as most of you all might know ray j is lookin for love again, hence the name of his show For the Love of RayJ (season 2). Last season he picked Cocktail over Unique, but apparently things just didnt work out between the two of them so he's back at it again...last nights episode was funny, one of the girls named Luscious "smashed the homie" again!


last season it was Danger's crazy behind but this season i think theres an even crazier chic, Lava who got sent home along with Just Right who just wasnt right for Ray because there was no connection. but check this out! he kept Luscious who smashed the homie only because she came clean and told him the truth! (after she already denied it THREE times!)...if you ask me once a liar always a liar she should've got sent home from the jump...but i think its only a matter of time before she gets sent home anyway.

Lava & JustRight

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