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Thursday, November 19, 2009


remember this chick 
back in the day


i dont know about you ...
 but i miss the old innocent 'pondireplay' riri 

 ...somewhere along the way...
...this happened...

then it seems that as she healed over night...
she turned into this goth "all black everything" queen


something must be done to stop the madness!!
im writing her a letter!

if anyone reads this and knows how to get in contact with her pls fwd this to her;

dear riri,

"what happened?"

sincerely , 

(sorry thats all i could come up with for now..
i guess i'll update this later)

see the transformation for yourself

rihanna . pon de reply

rihanna . russian roulette

(thoughts? comments? reactions? below.)

1 comment:

MalibuMara said...

hmm, i kinda agree,
she cut her hair before the incident but her music is so sad now,
mmaybe with time she'll get better i dont really expect her to fake around as happy she doesn't need to do that.