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Sunday, November 29, 2009


okay so overall TERAJI P HENSON  & TERRANCE HOWARD did a good job of hosting the awards show (round of applause to them)

...now lets get down to the nitty gritty ... im not one to gossip buuuuut i personally think those two are sleeping together (you aint hear it from me...im just sayin they were too "intimate" if u know what i mean..lol...i kno you're probably saying 'But Vincia they're just acting'...nah to me it looks like something more i can just feel it!)

Moving on....Highlights of the show in no particular order was of course mah bo0skie TREY SONGZ who performed twice once with TONI BRAXTON who he kissed on stage (i gotta have a talk with him about that..i mean like seriously!? lol) and then he performed "Invented Sex" the non-DRAKE version Thank God!...(im bout sick of his rapping/singing behind anyway).
Moving on.... of course

BEYONCE (aka The Entertainment Queen in my eyes) stole the show without even being there she won not one, not two, but THREE awards! (Best Female Artist, Song of the Year and Album of the Year) i mean like seriously where is she gonna put them ?? maybe she can toss a few over to SOLANGE cause we all know she definitely didnt win anything in a long time or better yet how about NeVeR! (lol)

Speaking of SOLANGE , KERI HILSON beat her in the Best New Artist category, "MISS KERI BABY" as she calls herself, also won best  collaboration for "Knocks you Down" f/ krazy KANYE and NE-YO (who were both M.I.A--hmm i wonder why...lol)...
CHRISETTE MICHELE performed  her song "Blame it on Me" one of the many songs i LOVE off her Epiphany album had the best vocals of the night hands down! besides the legendary CHAKA KHAN of course who was recognized in a tribute along side mr CHARLIE last name WILSONMICHAEL JACKSON was recognized for Entertainer of the Year which in my opinion i believe would've been given to BEYONCE if MJ wasn't dead...
(yeah i said it)...anyway...

 KERI HILSONs performance was one word....

and i seldom use that word but its best fitting for this scenario...she performed a medley of not one or two but THREE SoNgZ i thought i was gonna DIE!! she can NOT in any way shape or form perform if your a Keri Hilson fan, u can unfollow me now because theres alot more where that came from!! (you've been warned) lol...another highlight was the MOTOWN tribute JOHNNY GILL sang "My My My" and boy-oh-boy did he Rip the stage! ol ' boy STILL got it! and he definitely showed these young r&b kids how its truly done...oh yeah and i cant forget

BOYZ II MEN they sang "End of the Road" and I was definitely singing along...welp,  if i forgot anyone i apologize but thats the end of my recap... im goin' to bed...Goodnite!

urs truly,

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