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Saturday, November 7, 2009


I was having a random conversation with my two older cousins about young girls who are having sex at such a young age nowadays & it disturbed me to know that my cousin actually knew a young girl who had a friend who already had sex more than just a few times and she was only 12-years old.  

That seriously disturbed my soul. At 12 yrs old I still had similac on my breath (lol, ok im only joking but...) i know for sure I was still in a training bra, not only that but the thought of even holding hands with a boy was absolutely grotesque to me. There had to have been at least another three years before I even started remotely liking boys. At 12 I may have had a crush on a boy; but i was too much of a punk to even approach him let alone have sex with him (that had to be the farthest thing away from my mind!).

These young girls becoming sexually active and popping out babies like gum balls out of a 25-cent gum machine seriously needs to come to an end. What business do you have making babies when you are a child yourself? I could ramble on about this topic for hours but I wont. I'm just going to end by saying this; regardless of what age you are HIV/AIDS is REAL and it can KILL you! WRAP IT UP!!!


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