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My name is Vincia, its pronounced; (vin-see-ya)

I often get frustrated when people don't say it right..

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I'm a 23 yr-old up and coming Journalist from queensNY & the purpose of this blog is just so i can share my thoughts with whoever cares to read them.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


i can say that for the first time in a LONG time -- im happy :) im glad that ive finally moved on from a chapter in my life that i really needed to stop lingering over for a long time and i mean a VERY lonnnnnggggg time! you ever been so caught up "in love" with someone that your blind to the possibility that it may not really be love at all? well that was me -- but not anymore. it took something or should i say, someone else ((wink)) to help me realize that i wasnt in love at all it was just pure lust...and i all i can say is black roses -- in other words that relationship is DEAD..no need to dwell on my past anymore cause my future is lookin bright :)




FashionIsLove said...

love your blog!


.MochaSista. said...

thanks hun!